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[Patch 3.0] Fluid Time Changes
Topic Started: Feb 15 2014, 10:12 PM (1,755 Views)
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a bolt from the blue.

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Vandara is a small community of friends, and does not require the fast moving times that other roleplaying sites use. As a result, we have decided to change the way time passes in the game. In-game season changes will now not be based on three months passing in real life. Instead, they will be based on in game milestones.

On a trial basis, the condition for season change will currently be six completed (self-approved or moderator approved dependent on thread type) threads. These can be social, adventure or moderated threads. Dependent on site activity this number may increase or decrease. Notification will be given in advance of season change. Once six threads are completed, the season will generally end within a week.

On a separate note, registration now requires admin approval. I check daily and approve all in the queue unless it is obvious they are spammers. If you make new characters and therefore accounts, just let me know with a message in chat and I'll register you straight away :)

Belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Game Master Office
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