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[Season Change] Welcome to the Season of Osyra
Topic Started: Sep 1 2013, 02:22 AM (3,453 Views)
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The cosmic cycle of nature turns again. Many believe the Primordial Goddes Osyra now holds dominion, the outcast of the pantheon, and teacher through adversity and ordeal. It is the coldest and harshest time of the year - the trees lay bare, and roads perilous. Many routes become impassable due to snow and ice, as the long march begins toward the thaw in the spring.

What does this mean for the game?
  • All new threads based in the current time period MUST be dated for the Season of Osyra, 500 AS, but you may obviously pick any feasible days within the season.
  • Threads from the previous season that are still in progress become 'grandfathered'. All this means is that no new players can join the thread, and you should try and finish things up before starting lots of new threads (no worries though - you can carry on posting and playing!)
  • The current Season will end once six threads (based in the current season) are completed and approved.
  • All characters created in the Season of Asch, 500 AS, or seasons prior, may now claim their Seasonal Allowances. Read this thread to find out more, and consider which packages and items would be useful to your characters. You do not have to choose now, and you can also take your claim in multiple stages/parts. Just remember that what you haven't claimed by season's end is lost to time, and cannot be carried over into the next season.
  • Flashbacks are always available to characters, but please remember they are ONLY available in seasons prior to that which your character started in (you cannot flashback to last season if your character was made then - this applies to everyone at the moment).
  • You will find the amended current time on the portal.

Feel free to post below, ask in chat, or PM me if you have any questions or confusion!

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