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Welcome to Vandara - an online roleplaying game striving to recapture the fun of a tabletop roleplay community, shaped within a unique and eclectic fantasy world of floating steam-cities, magical moon shards, and wyvern riding knights.

Register now and join the game, or check out our starting guide to get a feel for the site. Vandara is free to play - there are no charges for extra features or level ups. Complete the quick and easy registration and make as many characters to play in the game as you want! Remember to make your username the name of your character. Each new character requires a new account. Feel free to use our guest services if you wish to ask a question or seek assistance before creating an account.

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Starting Guide; Learn how to start the game.
Topic Started: Jun 15 2013, 10:11 PM (7,285 Views)
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Starting Guide
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The rising sun heralds the beginning of a new journey...

01. Orientation

Welcome to Vandara. Vandara is an online, play-by-post roleplaying game, in which players assume the role of various characters set within a fantasy world - and through their interactions with one another, spin epic story-lines. There are no high-end graphics and game engines here. The game is played through text and writing - and powered by imagination and community.

We want to create a tight-knit, friendly, relaxed and positive community - and we want to capture the nostalgia of pen ' n ' paper roleplaying with a group of good friends too. The world has been designed to appeal to several different genres - fantasy, steampunk, and a post-apocalyptic setting are all incorporated into our game, and no limit on characters means you can play amidst them all. With one character you can be serving the old gods in an ancient, forest temple, while on another you can don your dinner suit and top hat and attend a masquerade ball.

The world of Vandara itself is difficult to describe in a short paragraph, but imagine a place where a past lunar catastrophe led to a crystalline moon shattering and sending its magical shards across the world. Some humans, fearing contamination, retreated into a steam propelled floating city - but there were those that remained in the primeval forests, and the inland seas that dried up leaving crystal shards to be hunted down. A multitude of other races survive among fantastical lands. Flora and fauna have been changed in unimaginable ways, but all the people, even those aboard the floating city face their own challenges for survival - whether it simply be diabolical politics, or the very real dangers of being eaten alive.

Please check out our site and game rules before continuing - when you begin posting on the forum, you are consenting by default to abide by these rules, and they are important for keeping the site a friendly and enjoyable place. Remember your username should be your character name - if you haven't done this, make sure you request a name change:

To request a name change, follow these steps:
  • At the top of the forum, click the Preferences button.
  • In the Board Settings menu, select Change Username.
  • Type your desired username in the New Username box, and click Change Username. Your name change request will have to be approved by an administrator, so the changes may not be applied immediately.
On Vandara, new accounts are created for each character. There are no limits on characters/accounts, but please only make as many as you can play. Totally inactive accounts will eventually be suspended. The handy 'switch user' function in the top left of the forum allows a fast way of logging in and out of different accounts and characters.

Players are advised to post an introduction in the arrivals forum to begin with - let us know a little about yourself and your interests. What kind of things do you like to roleplay about? Do you have any prior experience, or is this your first time joining an online roleplaying community? We promise to give you a warm welcome in return, plus a GM will award you 10 free Game Coins for doing so!

One final - and major - thing to note while you learn your way round the site during this orientation, is our menu bar. Located just below the Vandara banner at the top of your screen, this is accessible from every part of the forum, and means you are one click away from this guide, the rules, and the site encyclopedia (containing links to every bit of information in the game!). You can use it to jump between the home portal and roleplay forum, or quickly access the moderator assistance forum. The FAQ provides technical help for things like changing your username or avatar, members allows you to view all our registered users, and search can be used to find threads and forum posts. FInally, two handy options also allow you to check which of your threads have new replies, and which threads are active at the moment on the site. The menu bar is your friend - utilise it!

02. Character Creation

Once you have introduced yourself, you will probably be keen to create your first character and begin play. Fortunately, a character sheet template is provided, and you can simply copy and paste this, filling in the correct details for your new character. Refer to the character sheet guide for the template and step-by-step instructions on filling it out. Post your sheet as a new thread in the characters forum, simply entitling your thread with character's name. Once this is complete you must provide fast access to your character sheet for everyone on the forum - you can do this easily by providing a link in your profile. This is a must as it allows us and you quick access to your characters with a single click. Click Preferences at the top of the screen, followed by Update Profile. The Character Sheet box is where you provide the link. You can simply paste the link, or if you'd like something more tidy, use the following code.

[url=LINK TO SHEET]View[/url]

Once you've created your character, be sure to set your Game Coins (the points/currency system of Vandara) to 0 to begin play. You can find out more about Game Coins and how to do this here. Also, at this point, select your character's race in the Update Profile section if you have not done so already.

03. First Steps

Unlike many online roleplaying sites, Vandara does not require players to await approval for their character sheets. Once they are posted in the character forum, and linked in your profile, you can begin play. Moderators will check sheets as and when they can. If there are issues, they will message you to temporarily stop playing and fix the problems. You do not need to wait for this message though - if you don't receive one, assume your sheet is fine. So, once your sheet is posted with all the necessary details, and linked in your profile, you can begin the game! A great place to start is the game coordination forum - where you can find other players looking for threads, or find other players who might want to join your threads. Check the announcements forum often too - this is where moderators will advertise game wide quests and stories that you might be eligible to jump into. When you are ready to make a thread, follow the thread guidelines and post your thread in your character's starting zone. Of course, you can Player GM a thread too (so long as you've already created a character)! If you have an idea just run it by a GM to get permission and then seek out some unlucky adventurers for your thread ;)

04. Community

Of course, there are many more features to the game - most of which you will learn as you play. The encyclopedia contains an exhaustive list of all the features and instructions for the game, should you need clarity on something. View the layout of the world on our atlas. New additions to the game, updates and announcements can be found in the news forum, so be sure to check back often. There are sections of the forum for discussion and sharing your creativity, and when you are on the front page of the forum, you will also find the 'chatbox' at the very top of the forum. This is essentially a chatroom - feel free to ask questions about the game, or just simply chat with other players. The facility is open for everyone to use, but please do not abuse it. Full site rules, including rules for the chatbox, can be found on the rules page. From your profile page you can fill in extra details like your character's location, interests, and we even have a social media style 'status' function which you can update regularly. Finally, we love our players sharing their ideas. Head to the worldforge if you want to develop or contribute something to the site.

05. A Final Note

Most importantly of all - enjoy the game! This is a positive community, so be nice, welcoming, and have fun! :D
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