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Housekeeping Rules

NOTE: Vandara uses the Universal RPG Rating System - click the icon for more info: Posted Image

01. Vandara is hosted by Zetaboards, and as a result MUST comply with Zetaboards Terms of Service. Please be aware that if you breach any aspect of these terms you risk having the entire site closed down - so ALL aspects of these terms must be followed.

02. All users must be 13 years of age or older to register and play on the site. This is non-negotiable.

03. Basic respect is required across the site. If a moderator requests something of you, please comply politely. If you are in disagreement with other players or moderators, please message an admin to resolve the situation. Be pleasant to everyone. Trolling and nastiness will be punished harshly.

04. NO inappropriate content. No porn. No illegal links. Swearing is not banned, but please keep to a necessary minimum. Some mature content within threads is allowed as long as you tag your thread title [M]. This mature content must not be gratuitous however, and must still comply with the Zetaboards terms of service, must not be conducted with minors, and should only be used to further the story, rather than simply wanting to write something dirty. This is NOT an erotica roleplaying site. Overly graphic content will be deleted. For more details click the Universal RPG Rating icon near the top of this post.

05. NO inflammatory content. Do not post anything (within any part of the forum, including the CHATBOX) that could be considered racist or sexist. Do not start arguments over religion or politics - this is not the forum for that kind of discussion. If you think your post might be offensive, it probably is, so do NOT post it.

06. Rules 01, 04, and 05 all apply to usernames too. If your username breaches any of these, you will be asked to change it once - and then banned if you do not do so. Usernames must match the account's character name. E.g if you want to make a character called John Smith, your account username must be called John Smith too.

07. All these rules apply to private messages too. Just because they are private does not mean they can bypass the rules. Administrators CAN view private messages if it is absolutely necessary - but we will only do so to act on a complaint.

08. Signatures on Vandara can contain one banner of a maximum size of 500x170 pixels, and can also contain a reasonable number of lines of text (you can use these to store useful links to guides or blogs). Any players who breach these limits will be asked to change their signature - and if they do not do so it will be deleted by the admin.

09. Anything you post or create specifically for the site can be used by the board administrators. Images created by other artists are used for non-profit, entertainment only purposes, and belong to their respective creators.

Game Rules

01. Please ensure you have read the starting guide before beginning play.

02. You must have a valid character sheet posted in the characters forum before beginning play - ensure you have filled in all the sections contained on the template provided. The character sheet guide provides the template and explains all of the sections you need to fill in.

03. Remember - in roleplaying you only control the actions of your own character. You may write something that requires a reaction from another character, but you can only write the actions, NOT the other characters reaction. That is up to the other player.

04. Do not play above your skill levels. Skill levels and unlocks exist for a reason. Players collect points through the game and slowly increase their characters abilities. You must play to these levels. If your characters performs actions well above their skill levels, it is likely they will fail or cause a dangerous situation. Mods may intervene at this point.

05. Please follow the thread guidelines when creating a new thread, tag it appropriately and date it correctly by checking the current date on the Vandara Portal.

06. This is not an elite writing site, it is a roleplaying site, but be sure to try and make your posts the best quality you can make them. There is no minimum word or sentence count for a post, but be aware a one sentence post will just be considered as spam. When writing a post, write what your character is thinking and feeling, include adjectives and describe your surroundings. Giving detail makes everything cleaner, tidier, and of a much better quality. If English isn't your first language, let us know - we are more than happy to accomodate you providing you know enough English to play.

07. Keep to a post order in threads, where players take it in turns to post in a cycle. Do not double post, or post to wreck the order.

08. Please ensure your Game Coins total is correct. Do not add Coins you have not earned, or add items and skills to your sheet that you have not unlocked or purchased. GMs can check change logs and thread records and will take action if you are breaking game rules.


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